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Self-Care in Minutes: The Simple Luxury of a relaxing Rose Botanical Bath Soak

May 05 2024 – Henrieta Haniskova

Rose essential oil has many healing properties with benefits for the reproductive, digestive and nervous system and incredible aroma.

Rose essential oil has many healing properties with benefits for the reproductive, digestive and nervous system and incredible aroma.

In the whirlwind of motherhood, where time is as precious as sleep, finding a moment for yourself can seem like searching for a quiet corner in a bustling playground. We know the days are long—packed with tasks, caring for your little ones, and balancing life’s endless demands. You've heard it a thousand times: "Self-care is important," but the big question remains—when?

Something curious happened when I got into my 30's. Never before experienced love for fresh flowers and gardening. Did that happen to you too? After spending my Sunday reading study papers about the effects of Rose essential oil on the nervous system and skin, I am starting to understand why.

It was in my 30's that I started to really feel the weight of responsibility in my life. And fresh flowers according to science help to alleviate the feelings of stress and uplift the mood. By the time I was getting close to my 40's I decided to combine my passion for flowers and my nerdy desire to understand the ins and outs of how beneficial plants really can be into a new passion, aromatherapy.

Motherhood is hard and filled with stress, emotional and physical exhaustion is a daily experience. The guilt a mother carries is like no other and finding the time for anything that you enjoy other than spending time with the kids is a distant memory. Or did that even ever happen?

rose essential oil is aphrodisiac and healing

But life is so much simpler than we often make it. Here’s a simple, soothing answer: healing with nature and small luxury with powerful essential oils. And to make it even easier, I have formulated a decadent and luxurious botanical soak with relaxing rose, the essential oil of Divine Love at it's center.

Did you know that each rose is harvested early in the morning and it takes 30-40 rose blossoms to produce a single drop of rose essential oil? And we use the real deal, not synthetic fragrances that have no therapeutic properties.

A Quick Escape That Waits for You

Imagine this: It’s finally the end of the day. The kids are asleep, and the quiet of the night whispers a sweet invitation. All it takes is a few minutes to draw a warm bath and add our rose botanical bath soak. The moment the fragrance of Rosa damascena, the essence of thousands of petals, fills the air, you step into not just a bath, but a sanctuary created in your own bathroom.

The Magic of Rose—A Known Aphrodisiac

Not only does the rose essential oil elevate your bath into a relaxing escape, but it also acts as a gentle aphrodisiac. Its enchanting scent has been celebrated through the ages for stirring the senses and awakening a romantic, serene mood that’s perfect for ending your day on a loving note. Rose essential oil is the oil of Divine Love, it holds the highest vibration of all essential oils on the planet and a powerful healer of the heart.

More Than Just A Fragrance

The power of rose essential oil goes beyond its mesmerizing scent. It's a natural stress reliever validated by science to lower stress hormones significantly​​. And those hormones are hard to break down, causing backlog for your liver and adding stress to your skin and complexion, as a matter of fact reducing stress can significantly improve skin health even for people struggling with frustrating conditions. Just a few minutes in this aromatic water can help melt away the day's tension, offering you a moment of peace that rejuvenates both mind and body.

Relaxing Rose Botanical soak ingredients

Nurture Your Skin and Soul

No extra steps needed—while you soak, the rose oil works alongside a blend of luxurious ingredients tailored for deep relaxation and skin nourishment:

  • Magnesium-rich bath salts relax your muscles and prepare you for a restful sleep, reduce nausea in early pregnancy.
  • Milk powder enriches the water, leaving your skin silky and well-moistured.
  • Meadowfoam oil, packed with Vitamin E, provides antioxidant benefits and deep hydration.
  • Pink French Clay detoxifies the skin, drawing out impurities and revitalizing your complexion.
  • Antioxidant Vitamin C and rose powder work together to brighten and tone your skin, enhancing its natural glow.
  • Fragrant oils of rose, neroli, and hormone-balancing rose geranium blend beautifully to create a therapeutic aroma that soothes both body and mind.

This is not a bubble bath. Bubble baths contain ingredients that change the pH of the water towards levels not healthy for your vaginal micro-flora. This bath is supportive and balancing for your reproductive system as well as your nervous system and your skin.

Take a moment for your heart

Self-care doesn't need to be another chore on your list. And basic needs like hygiene is not self care. But when you create a ritual, where every element is chosen to support, soothe, and rejuvenate, even a simple bath can become important and deeply soul nourishing self-care. Luxurious milk and rose bath with a candle, cup of tea and soothing music will take you on an adventure for your senses that will leave you with silky skin and sensual feeling of Love.

In Turkey it is believed that rose sprang from the blood of Venus. But Rose essential oil is not only aphrodisiac and antidepressant, it helps to reduce headaches and anxiety, strengthens stomach and prevents vomiting and is wonderfully soothing for inflamed skin.

Every mother deserves that moment of peace and pleasure. Why not let tonight be your turn to unwind and indulge in the romance and luxury of roses?

Royal Heir Relaxing Rose Botanical Soak with skin and nervous system soothing properties for beautiful skin

This a a wonderful gift for a mom of any age. Luxurious and nourishing, this botanical soak will warm your heart, reduce your stress and overwhelm, bring back joy and wash away the mother's guilt we are all riddled with. Relax with it if you have a headache, stomach discomfort, poor circulation (cold hands and feet), as a remedy for a hangover, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema, sore joints or muscles, feeling anxiety or sadness, struggle with infertility. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy and will support you in times of hopelessness and overwhelm and bring you back to your sexy, beautiful, joyful self. 

And if you are a giant nerd like me and reading science papers relaxes you, here are the links for studies into this incredible gift from nature.


Effect of “Rose Essential Oil” Inhalation on Stress-Induced Skin-Barrier Disruption


Pharmacological Effects of Rosa Damascena


Therapeutic efficacy of rose oil: A comprehensive review of clinical evidence

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