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What’s important to you is important to us.

We’re Mums, we go the distance for our little ones. When it comes to their skin, we know organic, and natural is best. So at Royal Heir Botanicals, we keep it simple. 

Inspired by Baby Charlotte, Henrieta whipped up the first batch of butter for a fussy baby with even fussier skin. With great care, loads of research and a nerdy love of botanicals, we created a line that cares for skin at all ages. Yes, even our own. 

Did we mention we have a sweet tooth?

It’s true, we’re lovers of French pastries which is why our butters smell so super delicious. Made with ingredients so pure, you could eat them! 

Meet the Maker, ROyal Heir Botanicals, Whipped Cocoa Butter

Because there is no planet B.


As a natural skincare crafter, we love our beautiful Earth. We’ve chosen the best materials right down to our tins to make our impact as gentle as possible.

Glass is great! Though it may break. But the worse part is that a lot of glass sits un-recycled for a long time. It's not a sought after resource like tinplate is.

Plastics, well, they are plastics and may not be made with BPA, but that does not mean that they do not contain plenty of phthalates and other toxic chemicals. about 1000 chemicals are routinely added to plastics for different purposes.

And we want only the cleanest of packaging and product for our tiny treasures.


Please reuse or recycle your Royal Heir tins. Even better, use them for your little baby treasures as a keepsake box, document how you are using it and share with us on our Instagram!