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Welcome to RoyalHeirBotanicals Royal Heir, organic and naturally gentle skincare for your royal Heir

  • Skincare so clean you could eat it!

  • Organic & Heavenly

    Expertly whipped for a luxurious, easy to apply texture

  • Fast absorbing & Versatile

    Melts into the skin and leaves it protected, nourished and silky smooth

  • EWG verified

    100% natural unscented for your little darling from the start

  • ROyal Heir Bump Butter Frankincense and Neroli aromatherapy skincare for moms to be

    For a mama to be

    Frankincense and Neroli

Body or Bum?

Why clutter your beautiful home with more stuff than you need?
We formulated the ultimate versatile skincare for your baby while keeping your peace of mind and your baby's safety and health our first priority. Using Cocoa Butter as the hero because it's the perfect plant based fat for baby skin, we whipped up a créme de la créme of cosmetics your perfect little darling deserves.
This is a revolution in baby skincare. No petroleum by-products, no messy white creams that are hard to clean up. No hidden ingredients you don't want on their skin and especially in their mouth.

Decadently organic

No chemicals. No fillers. Just simple organic ingredients, and essential oils. All carefully chosen to soothe, hydrate and nourish. 

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About us

From delicate newborn skin to daycare runny noses, Royal Heir treats your heir with loving care.


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100% natural and organic luxurious skincare brand for babies and moms. Diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, rosacea and more will improve with our butters and serums without the use of preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

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When a little heir is born, so is a mother. We are here to welcome you into the the sisterhood. Follow along with us as we learn and grow.

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Formulated by a former nurse and a certified aromatherapist

Vernix is the best protection for a baby's skin, but our butters are the next best thing.
Luxuriously whipped Cocoa Butter formulas free of water, petrolatum, any synthetic preservatives or ingredients that are impossible to pronounce offer potent nourishment for every layer of the skin. Delivering just the nutrients fast growing and expanding skin needs to stay healthy and strong.
We support a new mom through pregnancy and pamper your baby from day 1 with simple, yet intelligent blend of fast absorbing and deeply nourishing plant based oils and butters.
All our formulas are concentrated and a little goes a long way. Use with a newborn at every diaper change and daily calming full body massage and see your tin last a full month and more.

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