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  • Olive Squalane

    July 28 2020 – Henrieta Haniskova

    Olive Squalane

    Olive Squalane is a lightweight, transparent, tasteless, and odorless liquid that reflects the Squalene component of human sebum. Squalene is produced by the liver and released mostly by the sebaceous glands located on the skin and scalp. Indeed, the sebum of human skin is composed of approximately 12% Squalene. It acts essentially as the skin’s personal guard, functioning as a...

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  • Evening Primrose Oil

    July 27 2020 – Henrieta Haniskova

    Evening Primrose Oil

    ‘King’s Cure-All' Evening Primrose oil has earned this title for itself, thought to be regal and noble enough for royalty to use in medicinal applications. And we love it for the benefits it has to offer for new as well as expecting moms and those with skin issues. Let's learn more about it's power...

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  • Meadowfoam oil

    July 26 2020 – Henrieta Haniskova

    Meadowfoam oil

    The oil from Meadowfoam seed has unique chemical properties that make it one of the most stable vegetable oils known. And replaces sperm whale oil in vsrious industries. We love it for it's high content of vitamin E. Let's learn a bit more about it...

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  • Camellia seed oil

    July 24 2020 – Henrieta Haniskova

    Camellia seed oil

    Camellia oil is one of the most treasured secrets of the geisha. The molecular weight of the oil is an almost identical match for skin, allowing it to absorb quickly and thoroughly. We love it in our formulas and here is why...

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  • Apricot Kernel Oil

    July 24 2020 – Henrieta Haniskova

    Apricot Kernel Oil

    Apricots have a long culinary history and for a great reason.  Apricot Oil, is a lightweight carrier oil pressed from the oil-rich kernels of Apricots. We love it in our formulas for it's deeply nourishing and fast absorbing properties...

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  • Vitamin E

    July 14 2020 – Henrieta Haniskova

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is the beauty vitamin for a good reason. Let's see what wonderful benefits it has to offer...

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