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Our Ingredients

Nerding out on botanicals.

All our ingredients are selected with utmost care. We use organic where available and exclusively natural ingredients. There are no synthetic ingredients in our formulas, no filers, no parabens or any other preservatives. Only the beautiful gifts that nature provides for us in safe volumes even for the littlest of babies.

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Cocoa Butter  
Theobroma Cacao

Cocoa Butter

Used topically, Cocoa Butter melts at body temperature and works to naturally soothe dry, sensitive skin while reducing and preventing the appearance of scars and unwanted marks. Its richness in vitamins and anti-oxidants makes it ideal for use as a moisturizer that promotes skin health and relieves the itching, chapping, peeling, or burning discomfort associated with conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

Cocoa butter is the richest source of saturated fatty acids known in nature. This closely resembles the fat that is stored under the skin on infants and young babies, which is what makes baby skin so plump and perfect.




Shea Butter

Butyrospermum Parkii

Shea Butter

Traditionally, Shea Butter was a staple ingredient used for its medicinal benefits in African pharmacology. Local healers used this nourishing butter – often making it the key ingredient – to address health issues such as coughing, bruising, rheumatism, inflammation, minor bone dislocation, and leprosy. Its wound-healing properties made it effective in diminishing stretch marks and regenerating skin that had been cut, especially soothing the uncomfortable results of circumcision. It is also used to reduce the pain caused by growth of breasts for teenage girls.




Mango ButterMagnifera Indica

Mango Butter

Used topically, Mango Butter’s creamy, long-lasting emollience nourishes skin and boosts its elasticity as well as its suppleness, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and tightening skin for a firmer appearance. Its high vitamin content protects skin against harsh environmental stressors and damage caused by overexposure to harmful UV radiation. Its ability to easily melt on skin contact and penetrate into the skin without leaving a greasy residue makes Mango Butter an ideal ingredient in sun care products, balms, and hair care products such as those intended to control frizz. Its gentle quality makes it an ideal ingredient in baby moisturizers and products for sensitive skin.





Cocos NuciferaCoconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Used cosmetically or topically in general, Coconut Oil can penetrate the skin easily, due to the small size of its molecules, which are almost as small as essential oil molecules and which allows essential oils to be readily absorbed into the skin when combined with Coconut Oil. Without clogging pores, Coconut Oil offers excellent emollience to dry, itchy skin and hair, remaining suitable for sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin. In providing hydration, it creates a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, locking in moisture to soften, lubricate, and cool skin and hair while preventing future dryness as well as fungus. Used in a topical cream, Coconut Oil soothes and cools irritated areas of skin such as those affected by the discomforts of conditions like Athlete's Foot, Psoriasis, and warts. It effectively soothes sunburns and blisters, removes dead skin, and promotes the growth of newer, healthier skin for a glowing complexion.


Sunflower Oil

 Helianthus Annuus

Sunflower Seed Oil

Used medicinally, Sunflower Carrier Oil’s protective barrier quality serves to protect the body against harmful bacteria that could potentially cause infection. It is reputed to soothe skin that is irritated, inflamed, calloused, and rough, making it ideal for reducing itchiness and for addressing conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. By removing dead skin cells, Sunflower Oil prevents pores from undergoing congestion that leads to whiteheads and blackheads, thus preventing breakouts.



Hemp Oil


Cannabis Sativa

Hemp Oil

Full of nourishing lipids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Hemp Oil has now earned a well-deserved spot in many beauty routines as well as cosmetic and personal care products. It is especially known for having high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Omega-6) and Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) that are optimally balanced, giving rise to exceptional moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to its beautifying and anti-aging uses, Hemp Oil has also built a reputation for being helpful in a variety of common skin ailments, such as dry skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, and too much oil production. So many fantastic reasons to incorporate it into our formulas.




Castor oilRicinus Communis

Castor Oil

Around the world, Castor Oil continues to be used both cosmetically and medicinally to repair and darken hair while promoting its growth. It is used to soften and soothe irritated or infected skin and to ease muscle aches and joint pains. Castor Carrier Oil and its derivatives are also used in the production of soaps, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes. It is ideal for use in or as a massage oil for its moisturizing properties.





Simmondsia Chinensis Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is largely known and used for its hypoallergenic cosmetic benefits. Comprised of nearly all the vitamins and minerals required to facilitate the growth of healthy skin and hair, it continues to prove its effectiveness on the most sensitive of skin. Jojoba Oil has demonstrated countless advantages such as its ability to hydrate while cleansing and controlling oil production, its ability to improve the look and feel of skin and hair, and its ability to reduce the look and feel of irritation and unwanted marks.




Vitamin EMade from non GMO Sunflower seeds

Vitamin E

Liquid Vitamin E – sometimes referred to as “The Skin Vitamin” – is an antioxidant as well as a nutrient that is vital for maintaining the well-being of skin and hair. Foods such as vegetable oils, legumes, seafood, eggs, raw nuts and seeds, some fruits, cereals, wheat germ, leafy green vegetables, meat, and poultry abound in Vitamin E content, which is known to support the health and function of various body systems. As the main fat-soluble antioxidant in the human body, Vitamin E is best known for providing skin with nutrition and for strengthening immunity.



Prunus ArmeniacaApricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil

Used topically, Apricot Kernel Oil works to moisturize dry, sensitive skin and to smooth out blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, and other symptoms typical of maturing skin. It is non-greasy, and its combination of Oleic, Linoleic, and Linolenic acids helps relieve and prevent acne. Those with nut allergies, who want to experience the healthful properties of oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, can benefit from substituting it with Apricot Kernel Oil, a lighter, enriching alternative that is ideal for use on mature skin. This non-irritating, soothing oil is easily applied topically, as its thin consistency allows it to absorb quickly but penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving it looking and feeling smooth and soft.



Camellia  Seed OilCamellia Oleifera

Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia oil has more naturally-occurring antioxidants than almost any other botanically derived oil. This oil naturally contains vitamin E and squalene, as well as oleic and linoleic fatty acids. Camellia seed oil has a silky texture and a lightly nutty, pleasant aroma. Camellia seed oil is non-comedogenic, meaning that it is not likely to clog pores or encourage breakouts.




Limnanthes alba Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Meadowfoam seed oil locks in moisture and allows entire formulas to penetrate deep into the dermis. But the real superpower here is its superior ability to bring balance to your complexion. The oil's composition is strikingly similar to that of sebum (aka your skin oils), which makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your face in that sweet spot between excessively oily and overly dry. It leaves you with a plump, dewy, glowy complexion without the feeling of a heavy oil resting on your face. Medowfoam is loaded with vitamin E and as such calms inflammation and does not clog your pores.




Evening Primrose OilOenothera Biennis

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose oil has been used as a supplement to help many maladies. It is one of the richest natural sources of Gamma linoleic acid. Used topically on the skin it's not only great cosmetically, but medicinally it's earned the title of ‘King’s Cure-All.’ Known to be regal and noble enough for Kings and Queen’s to use in medicinal applications. Some of them included addressing symptoms of acne, asthma, diabetes, eczema, fatigue, loss of libido and impotence, menstruation and menopause, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, poor memory, and rheumatism. While in Ayurevedic and Chinese medicine the plant’s and its oil’s therapeutic properties were revered and used to regulate and address issues associated with circulation, inflammation, the female reproductive system and the respiratory and nervous systems.




Olive SqualaneOlive Squalane

Highly emollient and structurally similar to natural Squalene present in sebum, which helps it get easily absorbed to provide a smooth, silky, non-greasy finish, Olive Squalane also coats the surface of the skin to lock in moisture, slow down water loss that leads to dry skin, and soothe the skin from external irritants. Furthermore, it is believed to possess antioxidant properties that guard the skin against free radicals that deteriorate the health of the skin over time, making it useful for anti-aging applications. Squalane penetrates the skin quickly and easily to offer moisture, enhanced elasticity and resilience. It boosts the skin’s water-retention, leaving it looking and feeling hydrated, smoother, and softer to the touch without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. 




Argan OilArgania Spinosa

Argan Oil

Argan Oil enhances the appearance and texture of skin and hair with its rich fatty acid and antioxidant content, easily hydrating, conditioning, and softening both without leaving a greasy residue. When applied to the skin, Argan Oil leaves it looking firmer, smoother, and softer by enhancing elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. On acne-prone skin, Argan Oil soothes inflammation and irritation while reducing the appearance of scarring and balancing skin’s natural moisture and oil production. Argan Oil is effective for diminishing blemishes such as stretch marks, as it promotes the growth of new skin while boosting its suppleness. When applied to hair, Argan Carrier Oil controls frizz, adds shine, and makes managing and styling hair easier, thus increasing hair’s attractiveness.




Avena Sativa Kernel OilOat Kernel Oil

Oat Kernel Oil

Oat Oil is reputed to enhance elasticity and firmness by boosting collagen production, and also facilitate the healing of irritation, inflammation, redness, and chapping, especially in association with sunburned skin and conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Its super emollient and deeply hydrating properties are known to prevent skin from losing moisture, thereby softening, nourishing, and protecting the skin, which ultimately revitalizes and rejuvenates the complexion.