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Newborn care

Our tiny heirs deserve only the creme de la creme in what touches their fragile little body. That which not only is the closest to the skin, but also penetrates the skin is by far the most important to be safe, clean and nourishing without compromises.

New babies are still adjusting to life out of water and in dry air and so is their skin. To help this adjustment and make the transition smooth, we have created butter like no other. Better than ever before. Avoiding fillers, water, preservatives and other synthetic and unnecessary ingredients, we turned to the purity of nature and it's gifts that humanity has used for millennia. Exquisitely powerful ingredients that make a true difference, especially for skin as delicate and thirsty, in need of support and protection like that of a fresh new royal heir. 

We love utilizing the super powers of essential oils where they are suitable. We also believe in using the safe ones and in amounts that are reasonable for the person using them. They are powerful in their make-up and effect and that is to be respected. Fresh babies are not the right recipients for essential oils and if then only minimal amounts of very few.

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