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Summer time skin

July 28 2023 – Henrieta Haniskova

Summer time skin

Summer time skin

Summer is here! Sticky fingers, sun kissed skin and messy hair. In the Canadian climate we only have so much time to enjoy all that the Summer brings to spoil us with. But even in those few short sweet months we get to experience all the reasons to take extra care with our skin.


How can Royal Heir support you and your family throughout the Summer season? The versatility of our skincare is nothing new to those who have raised their babies with us. But even I still discover new useful ways of enjoying it and I formulated every one of our offerings and have a lot more ideas in my little notebook to share with you as I grow this little business.

The ingredients I choose to work with offer healing support for a variety of skin issues. Most skincare is marketed with packaging to sell more product, not to help you solve more problems. And the beauty of our butters is that they have a broad way of supporting you and every member of your family. From your baby, to your toddler, growing kids, teens and husband, to covering a lot of your own needs throughout the years and they would even serve your grandma very well.


Here are a few ways to better your Summer with Royal Heir:


Diapering with Royal Heir Botanicals is worry free and turns a chore into a bonding experience.

Diapering, regular use of our butters for diapering will remove your stress with diaper rashes. This is not empty boasting to get you to spend more money on our products. This is a fact. When you nourish your baby's skin, especially in an area that is exposed to harsh environments such as inside of a diaper, you are giving the skin proper building blocks to keep replenishing it's moisture barrier. The beauty of our butters is that they provide this moisture barrier, but also support the skin in creating it's own, which most products fail to do.

Full body care, because the skin needs to be nourished everywhere. For new babies in the heat of the summer it's not unusual to see creases between those sweet baby rolls get all raw and red. Pretty scary looking. And those, when filled with moisture constantly can grow fungal infections, turning into eczema that lasts for a long time, is hard to get rid of and your doctor will prescribe some harsh anti-fungal medication for what aromatherapy skincare can help remove with a lot less taxing chemical burden on the body. Babies under 3 months of age will do fine with out First Touch formula. For babies older than that, if the creases are raw from sweat and moisture and it is looking dire, our Pink Baby Butter formula has antifungal properties. And dry eczema will be much better with our Blue Baby Butter.

After sun care, and after pool as well. Sunshine is wonderful and helps us metabolize vitamin D which is so important for so many reasons. It is a hormone, not just a vitamin and taking supplements in no way makes up for the sun exposure the skin needs to metabolize enough of it. Nourishing the skin after it has been basking in the sun feels wonderful and soothing. And the high content of Cacao butter in our butters feels wonderfully cooling.

Protection of the skin when drool is on the face, hands and everywhere else is so important. Human saliva is produced to prepare our food for digestion. And it has the same effect on the skin. This is why the rash starts to appear when babies drool when teething. We have our Drooly Baby Chin and Cheek balm to take care of that, but in a pinch you can always use any of the butters. They are not just for bums!

Cranky baby on the beach, has got to be the toughest challenge. For a baby that is restless and fussy, nothing works better than a nice loving massage to soothe their nervous system and calm a baby down. Slow stroking signals safety to the brain, this is why babies love skin contact. Their heart beat syncs with yours, their nervous system can attune to yours and their breathing slows down as they feel safer and safer with a nice calming massage. You can feel it on your skin and imagine if your skin was five times more absorbent, because a baby's skin is! How wonderful would it feel to have your skin pampered and caressed when you feel over-stimulation and exhaustion?


Toddlers get into everything. Trouble is calling to them and they are fearless in exploring every possible one they can find, or one that finds them? Let's call it endearing!

The toddler diapering is certainly a fun experience. Summer time is the perfect opportunity to shed the diaper and let them experience their body in a new way. It is one of the best ways to make toddler understand how to control their bodily functions, because its so obvious.

But there are also times where the little person wants to individuate so much, they refuse to have their diaper changed and want full ownership of it. This is why using our skincare is so great. Because you can involve your baby in the process from the start. Diapering doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a bonding experience. And when you don't need to be stressed and terrified of them eating something that can be very bad for them, because our butters are made with food-grade quality ingredients, it can become a fun activity to do together that teaches them about self care. Your baby has a job, holding the tin while you clean and remove the soiled diaper, that way there is no stress with mess spreading further than it needs to. They are preoccupied with participating by doing their part, which is opening up the tin and getting it ready for you. And not having to wash your hands from white pasty cream after diapering also doesn't suck! Especially when you are on the go or on a beach.

Booboos. Sensory play is awesome, but when sand gets everywhere, you know how miserable that can be. And little chaffing, bruises, scrapes and scratches are quickly soothed with our butters. I get a lot of messages from moms saying their little people ask for their chocolate butter to soothe the booboos because they know.

Insect bites. Yup this includes the bites and stings. The anti-inflammatory formulas, which all of our butters are can serve you well on this front. They remove the burning and itchy feeling within minutes and you know they are nourishing the skin without any extra additives that may be questionable.   

Vulvovaginitis is a very painful inflammation for baby girls that can be soothed quickly with our Pink Baby Butter.


Girl rescue. Water and sunshine go together. What would the Summer be without them?! They also come with wet diaper and bathing suits that don't come off for hours. This can start creating issues that are not fun to experience at any age.

Sitting in a wet cold diaper may feel cooling, but this is how inflammation on the vulva starts. This is called vulvovaginitis and every woman and girl has experienced it in their lives. It is manifested by redness, burning pain that is hard to ignore and for little girls its really ouchie. If untreated, this can move up and progress into a yeast infection. And you are not helpless when it comes to preventing it.

My little girl has known for a long time, when we feel burning down there, first we wash and dry, then apply the pink butter. I formulated our Pink Baby Butter with anti-fungal essential oils that are safe for babies and highly effective. And I made the butter balanced for the pH in the vaginal area, because it is different from the rest of the skin. It is best to stay away from soaps because they shift the pH balance and destroy healthy bacteria that are keeping yeast in check. Plain clean water is the best solution. Getting out of a wet bathing suit or wet diaper as soon as possible makes a big difference in preventing this issue. The butter tames the heat and pain right away. If it comes back the same day or next day, that means it's time to repeat the process and go to bed extra early and take a break from desserts. We will have fruit instead and a lot of water. And I am proud to say, she is now 9 years old and never had to endure a yeast infection.

After sun care is important even if your little one didn't get so much exposure that the skin turned red and burned. Using sunscreens is common and necessary especially if we plan a day or even a half day at the beach or at the pool. Many sunscreens are chemical in structure and nourishing the skin with healthy nutrients will support it in removing any free radicals formed by the chemicals absorbed into it.

Some sunscreens are made with Zinc Oxide which coats the skin to reduce the exposure to sun rays, but also has the function of drying the skin. Moisturizing with rich emollients, which is just what our butters are made with is exactly what the skin needs. 

The high content of cooling Cacao butter and all the other deeply nourishing ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties and deeply moisturizing emollients will keep the skin from feeling hot and reduce the possibility of peeling. The Pink Baby Butter formula contains a small amount of Lavender Essential oil, which is very soothing for burns and supports the skin in turning it from red to brown faster. 

While our Blue Baby Butter formula is packed with deeply nourishing oils such as Oat Kernel oil, Carrot root macerated oil, Tamanu oil, Evening Primrose. These have wonderfully supportive effect on dry and overwhelmed skin. The relaxing Sandalwood essential oil helps to calm down the nervous system and supports the body as a whole, it is considered to be a superplant by herbalists, because it is one of few plants in the world that have a balancing effect on many systems in the body. The Sweet Orange essential oil here is uplifting effect to improve the mood of a cranky and overtired baby and helps to calm the nervous system for a better rest.


Growing pains. Kids love our butters, they are incredibly inventive and find loads of great uses for them. One of my little girl's favorites are her evening massages to reduce her growing pains and calming her nervous system after a day at school.

She knows to use it herself on her hands and feet when they feel dry. Tame any redness, inflammation, burning or itch.

Nourish her skin after a day at the pool when her skin feels dry and itchy, and looks like its peeling or papery grey. She knows to use pink baby butter when she feels burning in her vaginal area or sees peeling skin between her toes. Yes the anti-fungal effect works there too if you catch it in the early stages.

Royal Heir skincare collection

Pain in a growing body. As my daughter grows into a teen I will explain to her how she can use the butters to reduce the tension and heat in her growing breasts. African mothers teach their daughters to use Shea butter for this purpose and our butters have no less than 20% of Shea butter to support a young girl with her growing pains.

Vaginal care is so important to learn early on. There is no shame in owning a vulva and understanding how to care for it well is very important for a girl's health throughout her life. Teens start to produce hormones that cause pubic hair growth and make the mucus membrane and the delicate skin of a vulva a little tougher, but teen girls also spend time with friends and as they are having fun and don't necessarily have mom around to remind them to change into dry clothes, can end up feeling burning pain, even get a yeast infection.

Our Pink Baby Butter is loved by many teen girls, they use it all over their bodies and love it! it's not medication to heal yeast infection, but it is an easy first step to reduce the impact. And having an understanding of why, where and how to use it will teach a young girl to pay attention to her body and know when it is time for self-care. My mom didn't teach us, culturally repressed people tend to avoid these topics and i unknowingly suffered for years with a continuous yeast infection that was not necessary.

My daughter understands her body and what certain sensations signal and knows how to care for herself, because I guided her with love and respect and created a lovely tool for her to support her body's needs. Give your daughter the gift of teaching her these basic needs, she will not know to thank you for it, but she will reap the benefits fir the rest of her life.

Bump Butter by Royal Heir is the modt nourishing, clean and elasticity supporting plant based butter pregnancy cream on the market today.

Pregnancy. And for you, depending on the stage of motherhood you are in, massaging your skin on your belly, thighs and breasts will reduce the appearance of stretch marks by softening your skin and making it more elastic, Cacao butter has this wonderful quality, but our Bump Butter is formulated with a lot of nourishing botanicals to support you well and keep your baby bump glowing. Massaging the belly is a very calming experience for you and a wonderful way to connect to your baby. Mine sure loved it and I remember some instant feedback if I dared to stop, could be why she still loves her massages today!

Chaffed skin. You can use it in areas that chaff or rub against each other and cause pain over time, such as your inner thighs. The pink butter is the best choice here, because it is formulated with more wax to stay on the surface of the skin longer and protect it from getting chaffed while cooling and nourishing the skin to build a stronger moisture barrier for times when you don't have the butter on hand. This is also very healing if the chaffing damaged your skin and you can feel the burn of it.

After sun care. You can use it in the evenings after sun exposure all over your body, job best entrusted to your partner for best relaxation for you. The high content of Cacao butter in all of our butters makes them the perfect cooling remedy for dehydrated skin that feels inflamed. Just make sure he gets all the way down to your toes. The sand on the beach and the chlorine at the pool can dry the skin horribly and keeping your feet pretty when you don't have a ton of time for a pedicure is a real challenge. Well, if you know, you know. Our butters are a secret little pedicure in a tin. So cooling, soothing, relaxing and softening of your skin, all our butters are very effective for these purposes. Choose any butter you like!

Stress reducing massage. Be careful though, because our Pink and Blue Butter formulas both contain relaxing essential oils that also have aphrodisiac qualities for adults. They may cause closeness and intimacy with your partner. Wink wink! The real bonus here is that the butters are wonderful for reducing vaginal dryness and also amazing for pleasure mapping, which may help to slow your partner down a little and offer you more time of pampering and relaxation that doesn't feel like a chore for you. It may also tire him out enough to relax and let you sleep early!

Vaginal care. When it comes to days at the pool or at the beach, mama is the last one to have the time to care for her needs. If you find you sat in your wet bathing suit a lot longer than is good for you, you may want to reach for our Pink Baby Butter formula preventatively.

Lip balm in a pinch. You know how chapped your lips can get in the long days of sun? And did you remember to drink enough? We don't often carry lip balms around with us in the Summer because the chapped lip issue is so much more common in the Winter. Any of our butters will serve you well here!

Ingrown hair. Summer is also time when we want to show some skin and get a little color, which also means removing hair and in some places it is pretty stubborn. Here is a great way to reduce the frustration of ingrown hairs, use our butters after shaving or waxing. This will reduce inflammation, razor burn, soften your skin to allow the hair to grow out instead of curling in and causing problems.

But the best part of Royal Heir Botanicals for your family is the memories of loving moments and bonding we bring you by offering a wonderfully nourishing medium that has calming effect on the nervous system and gives you more sweet relaxing time to enjoy together as a family.

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