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How to use Baby Butter Pink

This delicious smelling butter can be used anywhere on the body for babies, mommies , big sisters, grandmas and anyone between those stages of life.

This butter is incredibly soothing for dry and irritated skin around vulva for girls. And anywhere on the body for all humans. This butter is soothing for conditions with fungal eczema and for baby girls to reduce the chance of yeast infection or fungal diaper rash from developing.

The blend of essential oils we are using in this formula works hard, primarily the Rose Geranium has shown in research to have the most effective power when it comes to eliminating Candida on the skin.

We like to use this butter as a diaper cream and a full body butter after a bath. We use it on days when the delicate skin of vulva gets inflamed, itchy and burning. The butter helps to cool and soothe the area and eliminate the burn within moments. The same effect happens for women of any age experiencing similar issues. There may be multiple reasons, some of them related to dryness due to hormonal changes, some to irritation due to moisture or Candida. Irritation due to moisture happens often in the case of toddler girls, when you are not near to help them clean up after visiting the washroom.This butter is an immediate relief for delicate skin of little girls, so keep this one handy for those occasions,

Sometimes we like to use it on the breasts, to prevent inflamed knots in breasts when breastfeeding, when breasts are tender or engorged due to PMS or growing breasts.

We also use it on our feet and hands and any rough spots of skin. May also be used as an face paint remover.

Always patch test all cosmetics.