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How to use Konjac Sponge

Soak in warm water for 15-20 minute before the first use. The sponge will expand and become very soft.

Use as a facial cleansing sponge with water or cleansing oil. The sponge is very gently exfoliating and with regular use, will help keep your skin clean and clear of any blackheads and impurities. Use your preferred cleansing product, we recommend a routine of cleansing oil, using circular and upward movements clean the skin while exfoliating with the sponge, rinsing it out regularly.

After cleansing, you can rinse out the sponge and hang it to dry. It will last 6-8 weeks with daily use at which point it's safer to replace it with a clean sponge.

The sponge dries and shrinks in size. The next time you use it, it will absorb water and get back to it's soft shape withing 1 minute in water.