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Baby Body and Bum Butter in Blue Pocket Size



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Baby Body and Bum Butter in Blue Pocket Size


  • Product Description

      Our blue formula is super duper moisturizing. Most babies hit a stage when their skin needs extra emollients and feels super thirsty. Cold winter days and dry air heating can bring about itchy and uncomfortable skin.

      We formulated extra nourishing butter just for those days. We love our massage sessions after the bath and the added benefit of well nourished skin, makes for a comfortable end to the day, while enjoying time with you. Regular routine and well nourished skin make nighttime easy on everyone.

      Amazingly soothing and moisturizing as an all over body butter, to be used daily and even multiple times a day, especially for areas that get extra doses of abuse, like our hands and hands of our little people in snow, mud, food, mouth and more places we don't want to know.

      Scented with essential oils, this butter has fresh Sweet Orange smell over the base of Australian Sandalwood.

      In a mini form to fit your pocket or to sample.

      *no water in the formula

      *no preservatives

      *no sulfites

      *no parabens

      *no need for antifungals

      *no fillers

      *made in small batches from fresh ingredients

      *will last 18 months on your shelf

      *deeply nourishing and moisturizing

      *if melted, becomes even more dense moisturizing balm

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