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Baby Body and Bum Butter in Pink Pocket Size



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Baby Body and Bum Butter in Pink Pocket Size


  • Product Description

      Sweet smelling and creamy, this lightly whipped butter is formulated to nourish baby skin with all the needed nutrients to assist in building a strong foundation for healthy skin.

      Pink for very delicate areas, like mucous membranes that baby girls have exposed to harsh environment in a diaper, that can lead to inflammation.

      That's why it's important to keep this delicate skin soothed and moisturized with strong oils like Shea Butter and Castor oil, waxes that linger on the skin and oils with super antioxidant qualities like Tamanu oil and Evening Primrose. The natural blend of oils is further enhanced with botanicals like Marshmallow root and Aloe Vera.

      This butter is not only for baby girls, it is a good investment for all girls. Used on the vulva, this butter is soothing and feels cooling when applied to dry and irritated skin and mucous membrane. The cooling effect is also very soothing for breasts during growth in adolescence and when breastfeeding.

      *97% organic ingredients

      *100% natural ingredients

      *the light chocolatey smell of this product comes from the crude organic Cocoa butter we use as our main ingredient and the floral and vanilla notes come from essential oils only

      *PABA free

      *water free

      *no synthetic preservatives of any kind

      *made in small batches from fresh ingredients

      *will last 18 months minimum on your shelf

      *versatile in use from head to toe for the whole family

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