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Bump Butter pocket size



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Bump Butter pocket size


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      Glowing baby bump needs help to stay glowing and not drive you crazy with the itching. To avoid the itchy feeling, moisturize a lot! Helping the elasticity of your skin when baby is growing and expanding is crucial. Moisturizing deeply and often is one strategy many of us opt for.

      We chose some raw butters and extra virgin cold pressed oils to serve you in your daily baby bump massage in the most memorable way that invites sweet chocolate smell into your connection with your tiny heir.

      Blend of the finest ingredients to deeply connect and deeply moisturize the skin that connects you to the little love inside.

      *80% organic ingredients

      *deeply moisturizing

      *beautiful chocolate smell with creamy Vanilla and Frankincense 

      *versatile as a full body butter

      *well moisturizing for a new mom

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