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      Treat dad to some wellness and self-care tools he will really love. 

      We put together a sweet gift for the man in your life that works hard to take care of his family. This combo comes with our Black Detox Botanical Soak, great to relax sore muscles, calm the nervous system, support the genital and urinary tract to support fertility and prostate health, uplift his mood. 

      Our Baby Body and Bum Butter in Blue to deeply nourish his skin, amazing for eczema. Cacao butter base with 95% organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients with calming and skin soothing Sandalwood Essential oil and uplifting citrus. Using clean skincare to help detoxification is ideal to start at least 2 months before trying for conception. 

      Last but not least, we have created an aromatherapy stick with essential oils to help dad transition from work to home life and from focus on hustle to feeling free to be present and in the moment for his family. Men often struggle with this issue and need some time to decompress and be fully available to their partners and families. This little helper dad can keep in his pocket without smelling like an apothecary and use it to make this transition smoother and faster. Also supportive for people trying to reduce their smoking habit.

      Limited edition and limited amount of these are available!

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Father's day bundle



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Father's day bundle