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First touch Pocket Size



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First touch Pocket Size


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      For precious newborns


      Newborns come into this world with the most beautiful, precious skin. Keeping it soft and soothed is a duty we take to heart. With simple, well-chosen ingredients, this Butter is delicate, scent-free and loving, just like you. 

      Pocket size for your convenience or an opportunity to sample. 

      *99% organic ingredients (except for the vitamin E, which is non GMO)

      *100% natural ingredients

      *no added fragrance of any kind, the light chocolatey smell of this product comes from the crude organic Cocoa butter we use as our main ingredient

      *PABA free

      *water free

      *no synthetic preservatives of any kind

      *made in small batches from fresh ingredients

      *will last 18 months minimum on your shelf

      *versatile in use from head to toe for the whole family

      By making our First Touch butter a part of your daily routine and spending sweet bonding time with your baby, you are not only giving your heir loving memories an the much needed skin to skin contact that makes them feel secure and safe and allows their brain to grow and develop in healthy way, you are also setting them up for a lifetime of nourished and happy skin.

      Create beautiful memories of chocolate smell and loving care from their most favorite person in the world. You and your loving touch.



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