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      Growing a baby is a lot of work. Every expecting mom needs pampering and there is no better way to take care of her skin than with natural, organic skincare made with ingredients you will recognize and nothing you don't want.

      This lovely gift comes with:

      Konjac sponge for facial cleansing without harsh cleansers.

      New mama serum, blend of deeply nourishing oils to feed the skin and leave it silky smooth.

      Bump Butter for the growing belly, tame the itch and nourish deeply to give the skin the opportunity to accommodate a little princeling growing inside.

      First Touch butter for perineal massage to prepare for birth and to soothe the perineum after vaginal birth. Can also be used on C-section scar after the stitches came out to soften the skin and even out the skin tone to reduce the visibility of the scar and to use as a medium for a massage to reduce pull on the surrounding area. May also be used on chapped nipples before and after birth as well as for the new baby as a body and bum butter to nourish deeply and calm the baby by using a massage and loving touch to create a loving environment and soothing closeness.

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Mom to be gift



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Mom to be gift